My name is Daniel (and my nick is Denied – that’s how I came to the name of this site) and my hobby is making lots of different cocktails. I started few years ago so I wonder how to archive all the cocktails I made and this was the easiest way 🙂 . I had few bottles of spirits and wonder what can I do with them. I started with few easy cocktails and with time I bought more and more new bottles – I always need one more, ha ha, ha…..

I hope you like it and you’ll find something you like. So enjoy it!!!!


P.S. Below, you have search box where you can search by every ingredints, name of cocktails, etc. – it will be easier if you serch for something specific 😉

 P.P.S. If you find some bugs, please contact me (below) so I can fix it. I’m rather n00bish in creating a web page, so it can take a while 😀